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Our vision is to make the world more secure

Consequently, all organisations that take risk management and compliance seriously deserve a solid software enabling them to work according to best practises within risk management and compliance. Our software solution provides Risk Management and Compliance Officers an opportunity to truly involve and engage all necessary parties in the organisation.

Through our software, board members and senior managers are able to easily see what risks the organisation are facing, how the organisation is working to lower critical risks, statuses, responsibilities and actions so that they can manage their organisations accordingly. In addition, our software offers the same for compliance whether that is ISO, GDPR or other compliance regulations or frameworks.

Our software, CRMAP is a real-time Compliance, Risk Management & Asset Protection software available in the cloud without any start-up costs. CRMAP provides you with an opportunity to start working with best practises tomorrow.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a Compliance, Risk Management & Asset Protection Software that creates a more secure everyday life for our clients.


Our clients can purchase our software directly from Kamude, but regularly clients request assistance in the use of our software and support in how to work in a best possible way with compliance and risk management.

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Business model

Our main business model is to support our clients through dedicated partners that are certified to deliver assistance in the use of our software in addition to be highly skilled GRC consultants.


As we are in the business of security, we purposely do not marked ourselves by showing our clients. However, in a meeting we would be happy to tell about our clients and success stories. Currently, both governmental and private organisations are using our software.

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Our history.

Early 2017, one of the Risk Management gurus in the market contacted the best developers he had worked with, as he was unhappy with existing risk management and compliance software solutions. His dream was to develop a compliance, risk management & asset protection software that would support best practices in compliance and risk management and provide value to the whole organisation from top management and boards to asset managers and risk managers.

The developers did not believe that existing software was not good enough so they were invited to meet several GRC managers in privately and governmental organisations to learn about their afterperception of available solutions. No one was reported that they were particularly happy about their software. Either the software was not designed optimally or they had to purchase solutions much more comprehensive than they needed, in which the costs very also unnecessary high.

At the same time, they volunteered to provide input on how an optimal Compliance, Risk Management & Asset Protection Software should look like. Energized by the feedback, Kamude was founded and the development of the software started, and we are continuously provided by feedback from experts to ensure our software meets the needs of the market both through internal and external contributors.

In the second half of 2017, we wanted to speed up the development process. Consequently, we started looking for an investor and partner that would accelerate the process. In December 2017, Glasspaper became an investor and commercial partner, and now our focus is to continue to develop and offer a software we believe will be the industry standard on how to carry out Risk Management and Compliance best practises in organisation all around the world.


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